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Knots Learned in David Canterbury's Rope Clinic

These are the knots that Dave Canterbury teaches in his 9-part YouTube Rope Clinic series.

Slip Knot, Running Knot, Stop Knot


Animation of Bowline

Poacher's Knot

Animation of Poacher's Knot

Perfection Loop

Animation of Perfection Loop

Figure 8 in a Bight

Animation of Figure 8 in a Bight

Surgeon's Loop

Animation Surgeon's Loop


Animation Overhand

Double Overhand

Animation Double Overhand

Steve Dore Knot

Animation Steve Dore Knot

Figure 8 Knot

Animation Figure 8 Knot

Slip Knot

Animation Slip Knot

Frictionless / Tensionless Hitch

Animation of Frictionless / Tensionless Hitch

Running / Noose Knot

Animated Running / Noose Knot

Directional Figure 8 Knot

Animation Figure 8 Directional Loop Knot

Alpine Butterfly Loop Knot

Animation Alpine Butterfly Loop Knot

Bowline on a Bight

Animation Bowline on a Bight

Dave's Running Loop Knot

Reef / Square Knot

Animation Reef / Square Knot

Double Fisherman's Knot

Animation Double Fisherman's Knot

Sheet Bend

Animation Sheet Bend

Reef Knot (Bend)

Animation Reef Knot

Zeppelin Bend

Animation Zeppelin Bend

Water Knot

Animation Water Knot

Sheep Shank

Animation Sheep Shank

Marlin Spike Hitch

Animation Marlin Spike Hitch

Clove Hitch on a Bight

Animation Clove Hitch (Using Loops)

Marlin Spike Hitch #2

Clove Hitch #2

Animation Clove Hitch (Rope End)

Timber Hitch

Animation Timber Hitch

Prusik Hitch

Animation Prusik Hitch

Lark's Head Knot (Cow Hitch)

Animation Lark's Head Knot

Arbor Knot / Canadian Jam Knot

Animation Arbor Knot

Slippery Half Hitch

Traditional Trucker's Hitch (Directional Figure 8 Loop)

Dutchman's Knot used in Rope Tackle


Soft Shackle